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Traced from Bean to Bite

Ecuador's diverse terrain and equatorial orientation come together to produce the perfect conditions for growing chocolate. Arriba Cacao beans, considered among the best in the world, enjoy a fine life being grown and harvested in this idyllic climate. After importing this premium organic dark chocolate from Ecuador, all of our artisanal dark chocolate bars, bites, and chocolate spreads are small batch made in downtown Loveland, Colorado.

Amazingly good dark chocolate made with the best ingredients! In love with Loveland Chocolate.

- Karina Bonet

Received via USPS these lovely, delicious chocolates... Highly recommend these chocolates.

- Lourdes Corvo

The chocolate from Loveland is amazing! They have some exciting combinations of ingredients that work perfectly.

- Stephan Kretzschmar

Their chocolate is delicious and they have awesome flavor combinations! The honey pecan hearts are my favorite!

- Kaneki

I can not get enough of these tasty chocolate hearts! They have a variety of delicious flavor combinations! I will be ordering these again!

- Jayde Mock

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